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The Intelligence Report – Disruption governs

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These days, extending the phrase “steady as she goes” – that reassuring call from the helm confirming the current course to the next safe harbour – to other uses might be a stretch. After all, it seems increasingly to be disruption rather than continuity that marks the pace of life. And so it is in investing. At the macroeconomic level, there is a pressing need to assign the current ‘single-use product’ model to the scrapheap and adopt the circularity of the re-use, repair and recycle approach, as we explain in our first article. At a more personal level, healthcare faces a reassessment on the back of possible policy changes, while the drivers of costs, such as ageing and life style changes, persist. What this means for investors is the topic of our second article. Rounding off this edition, our third article underscores the point that disruption is a trend that might be most obvious in IT, but it is felt far beyond that sector.    


Circular economy: change for the better as well as investment opportunity

Investing in (the transition towards) the circular economy can pay off. Sebastien Soleille of BNP Paribas and Bertrand Alfandari at BNP Paribas Asset Management explain.


Why now is a good time to invest in healthcare

Global healthcare stocks have materially lagged the broader market this year as investors worry about the impact of potential regulatory changes, particularly in the US.


Innovation. It’s not just technology

investors who associate innovation with just the technology sector should take a broader view. A promising strategy should blend the latest developments across diverse sectors and capture performance that is sustainable – both financially and in ESG terms.



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