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The Intelligence Report – 4 September 2019

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Should investors pin their hopes on central bankers? Or will other policymakers come round and accept the need for pump-priming to keep the economy from being swept under in a perfect storm of uncertainty over trade, Brexit, etc.?

Our lead article argues it will take ambitious and credible measures to convince markets (i.e. investors), while in a separate article, we detail all the market action in August.

Volatility or not, our focus remains on long-term maintainable returns and with it on sustainable investing. We are hoping for fresh insights from the BNPP AM sponsored GRASFI meeting. Read our article on the conference topics.

Markets question policymakers’ resolve
An important development in recent months has been the rapid fall in market-based inflation expectations. This is partly linked to weaker growth prospects. What can policymakers do?


What happened in markets in August?
After a positive performance in July, markets fell. Investors were caught off guard after the US administration announced a 10% tariff on a further USD 300 billion of Chinese imports. This triggered a global correction in equities.


GRASFI 2019: Largest ever conference on sustainable finance and investment
Broad academic research is bolstering the credentials of sustainable investing. Promoting collaboration between universities, the Global Research Alliance for Sustainable Finance and Investment plays a leading role.


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