The sustainable investor for a changing world

As an investor


At BNP Paribas Asset Management, we invest sustainably for a better future. We firmly believe that companies that adopt a sustainable approach are inherently more responsible and can therefore generate long-term value for customers. Beyond our fiduciary responsibility towards customers, our business allows us to influence decision-making bodies as well as the companies we invest in. This gives us an opportunity to take action for society as a whole with a view to creating sustainable, inclusive growth.

“If we are to successfully address the challenges of today – and secure a prosperous and sustainable economy for tomorrow – long-term investors must rise to the occasion as ‘future makers’, using the leverage that our investments and our voice bring to positively influence the world around us. We relish this opportunity and look forward to partnering with our clients and financial sector peers to achieve what should be a joint aim: a sustainable future.”

Jane Ambachtsheer – Global Head of Sustainability