The sustainable investor for a changing world

As a company


We apply to our own organisation the standards that we expect of the companies in which we invest our customers’ assets. This means conducting our business in an ethical and loyal manner and striving to reduce its impact on the environment, with committed women and men who assist along their career path, helping them achieve personal fulfilment and well-being.That is what it is to be a responsible company. Being responsible also involves growing profitably but not at any price. The benificiaries must include the society that surrounds us. Helping it to grow with us is key to sustaining our business.

Applying best governance practices

Governance at BNPP AM is an ever-greater focus for the company’s stakeholders: customers, regulators, employees, shareholders, rating agencies, NGOs and civil society.

It is the responsibility of the board of directors of BNPP AM Holding, parent company of practically all asset management subsidiaries of the BNPP group, to direct the overall strategy of this business line and oversee the cross-divisional decision and control mechanisms implemented by those in charge of the business line, in accordance with the applicable legal requirements.

In keeping with best governance practices, the board of directors of BNPP AM Holding introduced an audit and risk committee in 2011, chaired by an independent director and composed of a majority of independent directors.

The entry into force of the AIFM directive in 2014 prompted the board to introduce a second committee in charge of remuneration and the related regulatory obligations. This committee covers, by means of delegation, all management companies with an AIFM and/or UCITS licence, as well as the regulated staff employed by the delegates of these companies. The remuneration committee is also chaired by an independent director and composed of a majority of independent directors.

Bringing together all our ESG expertise in a single Sustainability Centre

The Sustainability Centre, created in 2017, brings together all our ESG commitment, integration and research expertise. Its purpose is to support our marketing, client servicing and investment activities to offer clients sustainable, appropriate and innovative solutions. The Centre works towards a number of clear goals:

  • to develop, promote and contribute to the implementation of our responsible investment policy, including the coherent and ambitious application of ESG criteria to all asset classes (extending ESG coverage and increasing the level of governance between our portfolio managers and our ESG experts);
  • to work togetherwith all teams on the development and promotion of our company’s reputation as a provider of high-quality investment solutions;
  • to oversee and ensure a consistent and holistic approach to SRI solutions.

A Sustainability Committee chaired by Sandro Pierri, the CEO of BNPP AM Holding, is responsible for defining and implementing a coherent and coordinated vision of responsible investment and for monitoring progress towards achieving the goals set.

Reducing the environmental footprint of our own operations

We aim to heighten awareness among our employees and encourage them to reduce the environmental impact of our business by shrinking our carbon footprint, notably through a tighter rein on energy use and spending, a responsible purchasing policy and the adoption of a travel policy that proposes alternatives to in-person visits.

Creating value together

The expertise of our teams is a core component of our success. We put it to use for our clientsto enable them to achieve the financial returns that they expect. We attach considerable importance to the performance and employability of our employees and strive to be a learning company with a dynamic approach to career management.

With an international dimension and employees from all walks of life, diversity is a reality and a genuine asset at BNP Paribas Asset Management. We are committed to promoting it company-wide. We take local cultural and legal specificities into consideration to promote diversity and equal employment opportunities, the internationalisation of senior management and gender equality in the workplace.

We foster well-being in the workplace, which we regard as an essential factor in sustainable performance. We seize the opportunities provided by new information and communication technologies to simplify the way we operate for the benefit of our employees and to see through the digital transformation of our organisation.

The improvement of working conditions is a natural part of our approach to corporate responsibility. We work to prevent occupational risks and to take into account public health issues and help overcome weaknesses and incapacities.

A responsible player

Given our role in civil society, we conduct our business by paying particular attention to the promotion of human rights through our policy of collective and individual engagement.
We are committed to combating exclusion in all its forms by supporting social entrepreneurship in France and microfinance in emerging countries.

We are a long-standing partner of associations that work in the fields of education, healthcare, culture and social impact initiatives. We notably support Agrisud International, an association that provides help with the creation of very small businesses in southern parts of the world to help people escape from poverty for good and the GoodPlanet foundation, whose president is Yann-Arthus Bertrand, which works to educate and raise public awareness about environmental issues.

We also participate in BNP Paribas initiatives such as the Rescue and Recover Fund for the victims of humanitarian disasters and the Telethon in France and Italy. Our country offices also take part in local initiatives of the BNP Paribas Foundation.

We encourage each of our entities around the world to get involved in civil society and to support the social initiatives of our employees. This notably involves providing assistance to facilitate their participation in voluntary work.