The asset manager for a changing world

Our expertise


We believe that listening is central to our goal of providing quality investment solutions for our clients, and building strong, lasting partnerships based on confidence and trust.  Only through listening can we understand our clients’ objectives, enabling the design and recommendation of relevant – and often bespoke, investment solutions.  We manage a range of active investment strategies – both fundamental and quantitative, in addition to strategies managed to replicate specific indices and benchmarks – across a wide universe of assets extending from equities, fixed income, multi-asset and LDI solutions to alternatives. 

In our view, quality investment performance can be generated through in-depth research and analysis of broad levels of information to a wide range of investment opportunities and – with an unconstrained approach to both portfolio construction and security selection, we can most effectively bring to bear our considerable investment expertise to client portfolios.

Our solutions reflect our belief that whilst fundamental factors drive valuations over the long term, short term inefficiencies can also reveal opportunities.

Our core investment values, which are integral to the fabric of our company and which shape our approach to asset management, reflect the quality, diversity and integrity of our people:

  • Combining autonomy with clear responsibility, reinforced by removing unnecessary constraints to give our managers the freedom to outperform
  • Promoting genuinely active management through encouraging thoughtful and committed conviction based on differentiated research and contrarian thinking
  • Fostering collaboration, peer review and a culture of openness in which constructive challenge is welcomed
  • Being self-aware, always seeking to develop our strengths while mitigating our weaknesses
  • Building solutions based on integral risk measurement and management , applied consistently
  • Actively assessing the range of sustainability and governance factors implicit in our investment decisions
  • Embracing technology to more effectively uncover opportunities, and highlight risk
  • Constantly looking for ways to improve and innovate in order to stay ahead of our competition in an ever-changing world.