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Executive Committee

Key business decisions for the company are increasingly complex and require additional technical expertise. The Executive Committee (ExCo) is tasked with the proper execution of the firm’s strategy as well as monitoring and advising the Executive Board (ExBo) on relevant business issues.

ExCo membership is role based, and criteria we have used are size of the business and the alignment with our strategic plan. ExCo members will actively contribute to the making of the one-firm culture of BNPP AM.

The ExCo comprises 15 members including the CEO (Chair) and ExBo and the following:

  • Head of Sustainability, Jane Ambachtsheer
  • Head of Private Assets, David Bouchoucha
  • Head of Group Networks, Emmanuel Collinet de La Salle
  • Deputy Head of Investments, CIO Fundamental Active Equities, Guy Davies
  • Chief Financial Officer, Cécile Lesage
  • Head of Distribution Europe, Roger Miners
  • Head of APAC, Mike Nikou
  • CIO Global Fixed Income, Olivier de Larouzière