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Five educational books to raise awareness among investors about environmental issues.

This collection of publications / books was created by BNP Paribas Asset Management in partnership with Yann Arthus-Bertrand and his GoodPlanet foundation, as well as Erik Orsenna from the Académie Francaise. It aims to enlighten, initiate discussions and expand the debate on the challenges and opportunities that sustainable development offers to investors.

Discover these books

AquaAQUA provides insight in the challenges in terms of access to water


ClimateCLIMAT[e] deciphers the symptoms and mechanisms of global warming.


VillageVILLAGE takes a look at mankind and its habitat.


FoodFOOD continues our thoughts regarding mankind and its environment and explores a key challenge, food.


futuresFUTUR(e)S offers a journey through time to discover the impact of this change on our environment.


GENERATIONGENERATION offers a new perspective on how our planet has evolved over the last 25 years.