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The BNPP AM Executive Board’s mission includes bringing together both state of the art and diverse expertise and collegiality in the decision-making process of BNPP AM at top level, supporting the CEO. In accordance with French law, BNPP AM Holding’s CEO reports to the BNPP AM Holding board of directors (“Board”), who oversees in particular, BNPP AM’s global strategy, risks, and control systems.

The Executive Board advises the CEO on decisions and business matters of the global asset management business line, spanning business management, strategy implementation, and definition and enforcement of policies. The governance in place is strong and coherent both from a local and global perspective. It is well-suited for an asset management business part of a banking group.

Let it be emphasized that BNPP AM Holding’s Board chose to dissociate the roles of Chair of the Board and CEO, as one of its key missions under French law is to foster balance and accountability at the highest level of BNPP AM’s organization.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors represents all shareholders and makes decisions concerning the company’s strategic direction.


Executive Board

The Executive Board of BNP Paribas Asset Management is composed of 7 members.


Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is composed of 15 members.