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Voting policy

Corporate governance provides a framework for ensuring that companies are well managed and that shareholders’ interests are well represented.

We believe that all corporations in which we invest should implement high corporate governance standards.

These include: Acting in the long-term interests of shareholders. Protecting shareholders’ rights. Ensuring independent and efficient board structure. Aligning incentive structures with long-term interests of shareholders. Disclosing accurate, adequate, and timely information. Ensuring good environmental and social performance.

Promoting good corporate governance and voting at general assembly meetings is a key component of the ongoing dialogue with companies in which we invest on behalf of our clients, and forms an integral part of our investment process.

We are committed to ensure consistent* exercise of voting rights associated with shares held in Undertakings for the Collective Investment of Transferable Securities (UCITS), and segregated accounts where proxy voting has been delegated to us. Voting rights are exercised based on our Voting Policy which spells out overarching principles and operational guidelines: it explains what we expect of public companies and how we carry out our ownership responsibilities. The policy outlines our key governance and voting principles, describes our proxy voting process, and set guidelines that highlights, for each items, best practices and issues that may trigger an “oppose” or “abstain” vote.

Furthermore, we publish an annual Proxy Voting report, providing an overview of proxy voting activities. It details the scope of voting, the number of general meetings and resolutions voted and also its breakdown.

*Subject to technical and legal constraints.