The sustainable investor for a changing world

Sustainable investing

At BNP Paribas Asset Management, our goal is to integrate a sustainable approach across our investment strategies. Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria, for applicable strategies, are central to the way we come up with investment ideas, create portfolios, control risk and use our influence with companies and markets to improve sustainability.

Why invest with a sustainable approach?

Investing with a sustainable approach can be financially rewarding by, for example, steering clear of companies that are exposed to pollution lawsuits, labour unrest, shareholder disputes or other events that can damage their reputation and business performance.

Our planet is also served better with low-carbon energy, environmental sustainability, and equality and inclusive growth. As an investor, you can help shape a better world through your investment choices. 

Why us?

Sustainability is core to our business and our investment decisions. We are focused on achieving long-term sustainable returns for our clients.

  • Long-term commitment to sustainability:  20+ yeast history in sustainability including ESG research and integration, stewardship, and a broad range of solutions to invest in sustainability
  • Recognised ESG performance: our expertise is recognised by many third-parties such as PRI, ShareAction, Broadridge, WWF, Majority Action and Influence Map
  • Thought leader and advocate: we are active in 40+ industry and collaborative initiatives including the PRI1, IIGCC2 and TCFD3
  • Dedicated Sustainability Centre: a team of around 30 multi-disciplinary professionals driving our sustainability approach.
  • Global scope: we seek to integrate ESG research and analysis into the majority of our strategies, asset classes and geographies1

Our strategies

Our goal is to integrate sustainability across our investment strategies. We define our sustainability approach as follows: ESG integration, stewardship (voting and engagement), a responsible business conduct policy and the implementation of sector-based exclusions, a forward-looking perspective (the “3Es”: Energy transition, Environmental sustainability, Equality and inclusive growth).
For investors wishing to go further, we also offer a range of sustainable thematic strategies (classified as Article 9 according to European Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation).

Enhanced ESG fundsThematic and impact funds
Our enhanced ESG funds invest in the most sustainable companies, leading to results that reflect even more stringent ESG selection criteria and/or strict carbon footprint targets.Our thematic funds invest in companies providing solutions to specific environmental and/or social challenges, while our impact funds invest with the goal of having a measurable positive social and/or environmental impact.

To learn more about our featured funds, please speak to your client relationship manager.

Our insights & research

While BNPP AM has engaged in sustainable investing for almost two decades, research into this area is fairly new. We are committed to expanding the body of academic research that supports the case for sustainable investing.

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1 BNP Paribas Asset Management’s ESG integration principles and guidelines (link: 517E383E-5094-4908-A7CB-A0C0795C0288 (