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Client Complaints @ BNPP AM Belgium

Dear customer,

Dear prospective customer,

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As an asset manager, BNP Paribas Asset Management Belgium selects distributors for the marketing of its products (investment funds). Indeed, we do not offer our products directly to customers.

Therefore, if you are a customer, you should contact your bank or financial adviser directly for all your claims concerning the products they have sold to you, or certain aspects of these products, such as the suitability of a financial product of BNPP AM Belgium for your personal situation.

It should be noted that banks and financial advisors are required to identify your needs, experience, financial knowledge, risk appetite and investment horizon and to offer you the financial product(s) that best suit your investor profile.

They also have a duty to check this suitability whenever they advise you. Finally, they also have an obligation to follow the Know Your Customer procedure (for anti-money laundering purposes as well as compliance with MiFID/AssurMiFID directives).

If you are an institutional customer or distributor of our funds and have a claim concerning BNPP AM Belgium’s services or financial products, please contact us at:

Customer Service will contact the customer within five business days. Each claim is entered in the claims register, accompanied by a description of the steps that have been taken to remedy the situation. The Compliance Department centralises claim-related information and, where applicable, deals with cases that could not be resolved at the level of the person in charge of the business relationship with the customer.

We will examine each claim in accordance with the guidelines and rules in force. We aim to serve the best interests of our customers with the greatest possible professionalism in a changing world.